4. Modern Distractions (Cont.)

Other than that, there are personal issues you might not notice that can affect your performance. Work anxiety may cause you to turn down new opportunities, feeling isolated, experiencing job loss, or even developing clinical symptoms of anxiety. 

Work anxiety is a difficult issue to handle, but it doesn’t mean it’s impossible. You can do a few steps to reduce your anxiety at work and gain your productivity back. 

5. Increase Awareness 

When you’re experiencing anxiety, take time for yourself. Ask yourself why you’re feeling anxious. Is it rational? What can you do to make it feels a little bit better and easier to face? Take a look if there are any physical symptoms of your anxiety. Does it affect your breath, heartbeat, or your ability to move? Acknowledging your problems can be a good start for your healing process. You can also discuss it with a professional therapist when you need it. 

6. Communicate 

When you’re feeling anxiety, you may be scared of being labelled if you share how you feel at work. But keep in mind that most employers are responsive, understanding, and probably will refer you to professional help to handle your issue. You need to be brave to ask for help sometimes. It helps you to reduce your anxiety and create a collaborative environment in your workplace. 

7. Have Fun Outside of Work 

When you’re not at work, make sure that you don’t keep thinking about work and make time to focus on yourself. Work can be done during work hours at your office. If you’re on vacation, find activities that make you feel happy and refreshed. It helps you deal with work-related stress and reduce your work anxiety. 

8. Eliminate Distractions 

Creating a more organized workplace can also reduce distractions that cause your work anxiety. It might seem like an unnecessary detail, but you can try it. 

There are many other causes of work anxiety and ways to handle it better. We hope that this article can help you to find out more about what works for you. Check out our other articles for more information about productivity! 

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