Every human being has to concentrate and focus at work. But when you’re feeling stressed out and less productive at work, be careful! You might experience a thing called work anxiety. It affects your productivity and your relationship with your co-workers.  

There are many different causes of work anxiety. A lot of things can make you feeling overwhelmed when you have work anxiety. Here are some issues that might cause your work anxiety. 

1. Starting a New Job 

Leaving your old job and starting a new one brings a lot of new uncertainty to your work life. You might find it hard to build a relationship with your new co-workers or to keep up with a new work pace. You might also feel clueless about the direction of your tasks. Work anxiety can be caused by all the new things you have to learn while you also need to maintain your work performance. 

2. Dealing with Workplace Conflicts 

In real life, workplace conflicts can happen to anyone at any time. You may find a demanding boss or lack of transparency that leads to speculations around the workplace. Maintaining a relationship with your boss or co-workers can be very exhausting in this kind of situation. You might feel that you can’t trust anyone at work and develop work anxiety because of that. 

3. Overly High Workload 

You can also develop work anxiety from too much work to handle at the same time. Everyone has their own personal capacity. When you push yourself too hard, you might feel constantly anxious about meeting the deadlines and keeping up the quality of your work.  

4. Modern Distractions 

Nowadays, you can access a lot of platforms and activities with a simple click while you’re at work. If you don’t watch out, those distractions can drive you out of your previous focus and priorities. Then you’ll feel anxious because your work seems like a time bomb as deadlines come. 

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