For the first time ever, CES 2021 was exclusively held in a digital format. However,that didn’t stop innovations from all around the world to be on full display. Health, Safety, Telework, Clean Energy, etc…

The 54th edition of the CES (Consumer Electronic Show), the world’s largest event in the High-Tech industry, took place few days ago and shook the world with some ground breaking new innovations. Even if the event was fully held in a digital format due to the global health situation, this edition featured some great innovations.

Innovations for which the crisis we are experiencing has played an accelerating role, because it has profoundly changed our lifestyles and consumption. What trends are already emerging? What innovations should we not miss under any circumstances? This article explores an overview of some of the most important technologies presented at this CES edition.

Addressing Invisible Threats

The invisible threat, Coronavirus has made us fully aware of the extent ofundetectable dangers that surround us on a daily basis. It is therefore vital to accelerate the development of new innovations in order to unsure our protection. We can thus expect to see significant progress in this area, whether that is coming from home or business premises.

Purifying masks, radioactivity detectors, plastic films blocking 5G waves, virus detectors in the ambient air… Many inventions featured in this year’s CES have a common objective: to provide a healthy indoor environment, allowing individuals to evolve freely, without viruses or any potential harmful elements.

Ensuring global security

While the control of population flows was one of the major topics of the past year, the regulatory context of many countries around the world has provided many opportunities for innovative start-ups in the sector.

What if the Smart City could better contain an epidemic? A question which was best addressedduring CES 2021 through major innovations: smart meters to enforce the gauge of entry to stores; autonomous cars that can replace traffic agents and direct traffic, set a speed limit or create an alarm for drivers. New generation of city radars directed towards detecting speed and licence plates but also useful for red lights and other traffic violations, analysing traffic and pollution rates, and communicating with road users via projections and speakers…

While these new features should shape the contours of the city of tomorrow, other technologies such as facial recognition and tracking will undoubtedly be at the heart of the debates around civil liberties this year.

Accelerating Digital Health and Telework

No one can deny that the unprecedented situation we have been experiencing for the past few months has put two key themes on the media scene: health and telework. And as any social upheaval is getting its share of innovations, the novelties in this area were not be missed during the event!

From automatic dispenser of tailor-made drinks, to the thermometer that can measure blood pressure, blood oxygen and heart rate in a tenth of a second.. This year’s health innovations did not disappoint virtual visitors.

On the teleworking side, we are also witnessing some nuggets such as remote conferencing solutions via 3D holograms or automated meeting robots.

Using new energies to save the planet

Another topic that was on display this year: innovations in the service of ecology. A theme that has grown in importance following the various periods of confinement.

If the subject of new technologies taking advantage of renewable energy sources had already been discussed last January, it was confirmed this year with new concrete applications: eternal life battery for the IoT (Internet of Things) powered by indoor ambient light, hydraulically connected speakers to listen to music in the shower; solar-powered water purification system… so many new things we are all eager to use and discover soon enough.

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