A postcard is one of the media for communication. This card is different from a letter since there is an illustration or photograph on the front side of the card and you can send it without using an envelope! Many people still use this card for several reasons including its affordability, versatility, and ease of getting it! This card is quite easy to find. You can find postcards at post offices, stationery stores, bookstores, gift shop, around tourist attractions, and other places. Besides, you can also create a postcard your own and print the design at a postcard printing service! But when should the card be used and sent? Find out the answers in a few points below! 

1. Miss Your Family or Friends? Then It’s A Good Time to Send Them Postcards! 

This is the first sign when you can start thinking about sending postcards to your family and friends! You can make a call, video call, or even text message with them, but using postcards to communicate with them would be a whole different thing! Since people rely on instant messaging, they will find communicating using postcards more fun and memorable! 

2. Special Occasions 

Postcards can be a great way to congratulate someone on their special occasions. When most people send some message or congratulate someone using instant messaging, your postcard can stand out and be remembered among many digital messages. But, what kind of event is it when you can send someone a postcard? You can send your family, friends, or whoever at their wedding, birthday, new year, Christmas, promotion, or perhaps graduation. On special occasions, you can also write down some good wishes for the recipient. That thing will definitely make the recipient smile widely!   

3. When You Want to Say Thank You!  

There is an enormous way to say and show thank you. But, have you tried to write some thank you words or message on the postcard, and send it to someone who has helped you before? They may feel it more genuine than texting them on social media or email! Besides, sending a postcard with thank you message will feel more personal and special since sending the card requires more effort and time.  

4. When You Need A Marketing Tool! 

Are you looking for a marketing tool? Have you tried postcard marketing before? When you need a marketing tool, you can consider implementing postcard marketing! There are some benefits when applying postcards as a marketing tool. Here are some of them! 

  • Postcards are more affordable compared to send letters to customers. That is because the card can be sent directly without envelope and address label. You can save even more money because of these two items.  
  • These cards are more effective at reaching a specific target audience.  
  • Want to do test marketing? Postcards can help you to do that!  
  • With postcards, you can inform a specific audience about new products or services, discounts, or other offers. 

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