So, since the print on demand (POD) is getting more and more popular, are you interested in making custom products and selling them? 


To make custom products, you must first start looking for the right print on demand company. But you cannot just pick a POD company without any consideration. They will work with you to create your product, so you should absolutely ensure that they are the perfect one for you. 

So, to help you choose the perfect print on demand company, maybe some of the things below can help you to consider and determine the right POD company to work with.  

1. Can They Help You Make the Product?  

What do you want to make? Journals, notebooks, t-shirts, mugs, or maybe hoodies? At the initial step, when you are looking for a POD company, you have to ensure they can help you in making your product! So, ask directly or find some information first, whether they can work on making your product or not! 

If you find they can work for what you want, don’t be too rushy. That’s not enough to help you decide on where you will make your product. So, let’s move on to other things first to consider when you are looking for a POD company.  

2. Ask for the Price!  

Usually, for POD, the price of production is flat or in other words, you have to pay a fixed price per product. But you have to be aware of other cost of print service itself. Some companies charge a percentage of the final sales price, and others may charge you monthly.  

Be careful when attracted to companies that offer lower or perhaps the cheapest prices in the industry. It is okay if they provide a cheaper price with a good quality result. But if the result is not what you expected, then you should look for another POD company that has better quality even though the price can be slightly higher.  

3. Find Out Online or Offline Reviews 

The preceding two are not enough to drive you to decide which company you want to work with. So, you need more things to consider. 

At this point, you have to find out about online or offline reviews of the performance and work result of the POD company. For offline reviews, you can ask your friends or relatives who have worked with that company before. But for the online review, of course, the internet can help you as a medium to find out the experiences of other people who have worked with the company.  

To get the most relevant information, you should find out the date when people worked with that company or when they wrote the reviews. Why? Because some companies learn from their client’s dissatisfaction and do continuous improvements to make their service better.   

4. Before Making A Deal, Ask for Samples! 

To be more convincing, the last thing you need to consider is about the sample. Please keep in mind, don’t make any deal without looking at the sample. It will help you to know about the quality of their work, the suitability of price for quality, and many more things that help you determine whether the company can meet your expectations or not. 

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