Many people around the world are thinking of starting their POD business. 

Wait, what is that? 

POD or print on demand is one of the current business opportunity trends. It allows you as an entrepreneur to “only print” the product after an order has been placed for it. Because of that, many people perceive that POD is a low-risk business especially for those who are just starting a business.  

Okay, so, that is only one of many things about POD and what sets it apart from other businesses. 

Want to know more about what makes POD different and attracts people to consider starting their POD business? Let’s talk about it below!  

You Don’t Need to Invest in Inventory 

As we mentioned above that you will only print the product once there is an order that actually gives you another benefit. Usually, in other businesses, we need to be ready in stock. People will produce hundreds of products and wait for orders. But with POD, you don’t have to invest your money to make lots of products in advance.  

With POD, you will be partnered with a printing company to help you create or print your product. So, once an order is placed, it will be routed to the print facility for processing. Actually, you will never see your product stored in your place because your print partner will not send it to you, but they will send it directly to your customer. The role of your print partner is not only to print your products, but they package and send it too!  

No Need for Warehouse or Storage 

As your products will be directly sent to your customer by your print partner, you won’t have any products to store at your place or we can say that you don’t need storage or warehouse to store all of your products there. Hence, you don’t need to spend your money to rent a particular place for it. 

Your Product Is Under Your Name! 

Another reason that makes POD more attractive is that people can sell it under their name. As we talked earlier about a print partner, they print your product and send it to your customers, right? But because everything they do, that doesn’t mean your product will be sold under their name. POD allows you to sell your product under your brand even if you are not directly involved in the printing and shipping process to your customers.  

Print on Demand and Drop Shipping 

So, the last, maybe for some people, print on demand might seem a little bit the same as drop shipping, but in fact, they are just two different things. But before we explain a few differences between the two, let’s get to know first what makes people think they are the same. 

  • Both have no required for stocks. 
  • Both directly send the product or order from a supplier or print partner to the customers.  
  • You don’t need to buy or make your product in advance.  

Those are just some of them. But now, let’s we find out what makes print on demand different from drop shipping methods. One of the main reasons that POD is different is that you are free to design and create artwork to place on your product. And that is something you cannot do and find in drop shipping. 

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