Print on demand has to do with marketing your custom designs like phone cases, t-shirts and mugs. This is different from drop shipping mechanisms in platforms like AliExpress. This post explains print on demand.

Print on demand is the process of making and creating personalised design of an item by marketing it with a brand name. When you see mugs, bottles, water, bags and shorts that has different brands, it is an example of print on demand. Ecommerce and digital printing methods have increased the demand for print-on-demand.

What are the features of print on demand?

  • All print on demand products come with custom labels.
  • Third-party provider: There is often a third party provider involved in print on demand.
  • Digital printing: This have increased print on demand. This printing can be done at a fractional cost using digital printing methods. Digital printing methods are faster and more efficient methods of printing. Print on demand was around long ago. You customise products and add a brand image to them. With print on demand, you can print and market products online.

How does print on demand work?

You first make a template design for the product and then indicate the details for the designer. Select supplier’s design if they have this type of service available. Add a company logo or custom graphics on these labels. You then print the package through a third-party provider that prints according to your brand. This is in such a way that your customers see the products in the format you want them to see it. You can make a customised campaign that brings your product to your audience.

What are the advantages of print on demand?

Print on demand has a lot of advantages. 

  • The main advantage is that you bring your products to your customer in your brand. You can customise this product according to your choice in a way that is suitable for your audience.
  • Certain suppliers have various scenes that you can choose from. This may include custom labels for movies and brochures. They can apply flyer printing and catalog printing to your products.

Saves time and cost

Using print on demand saves time and cost spent travelling physically from place to place to print. With print on demand, you can print it all from one place like advertisements, posters, leaflets, envelopes and labels. This saves time when printed from different options. Saving time is one of the major advantages of print on demand.

Disadvantages of print on demand

Even though print on demand has some advantages, there are disadvantages.

High cost of production

 The cost of running a print on demand business is high. The high cost can make it difficult for you to pay salaries and tackle business and marketing.

Same generator models

All the mockup generator models are the same. This is suitable for owners of new stores. Your entire products are same, making it hard for customers to differentiate them.

Need for more skills

This is a disadvantage. You need to be skilled in graphic design to design custom products using print on demand. Those who run businesses different from print on demand don’t have to engage that skill, and if you are not a graphic designer, you may not be able to do that.

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