The advance in technology brings so many conveniences in our lives today. For instance, in printing technology. Years ago, printing focused more on paper or books, but now, people can even print their artwork on mugs. 

The advance in technology, especially in the field of printing, have brought us to a new trend, namely, print on demand. 

Today, print on demand is gaining more and more popularity in business. Maybe most people still have no idea about it, but how about you? 

If this is your initial step to finding out more about print on demand, let’s start by knowing what print on demand is. 

A Brief Explanation About Print on Demand 

Well, you won’t completely know about print on demand until you know the definition of it. Basically, print on demand (POD) is a method when you process or print your product (paper and non-paper) after receiving an order.  

Based on that statement, there are several points that can be concluded. First, because a new product will be created after receiving an order, you don’t need to stock it up. The second one, POD does not only focus on printing paper or books but it also can print certain other items.  

The Things That Make Print on Demand Special! 

So now, what makes people use this method? Here are a few reasons why! 

  • There is no minimum order for POD. Even a single order is allowed! 
  • POD has no requirement for stock. Because of that, people don’t need to worry about the number of unsold products, being overstocked or out of stock, inventory costs, or other things related to inventory.  
  • Due to advances in printing technology, POD is faster than traditional ones. For instances in paper or book printing, offset printing takes more times to set up compared to digital printing. 
  • POD makes you pay less than traditional printing such as offset printing when you make custom products in small quantities. Why? Because you will pay a flat or fixed price for each product made by print on demand, regardless of the number of orders.  

Several Items That You Can Make and Sell with Print on Demand 

We have talked about a brief explanation of print on demand and what makes it special. Now, let’s see exactly what this method can produce and sell! Here is a list of some of them! 

  • Book 
  • Calendar 
  • Sticker 
  • Poster 
  • Hoodies 
  • T-shirts 
  • Tote bags 
  • Mug 
  • and many more. 

Tips for Those Who Are Looking for A Printing Company! 

If previous information interests you in print on demand, you may want to find some tips if you are looking for a printing company one day. Well, here are the tips! 

  • Make sure if the printing company can make your product or customization. 
  • Ask for the price. Some companies may charge additional prices for their printing services. 
  • Consider the location. If you are targeting that your customers are from your city, then looking for a printing company from another city or country may make the price higher. 
  • Communication. Make sure the company you are working with can respond or communicate well with you. 
  • The last, ask for a sample so you can find out if the company can meet your expectations or not.  

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