When it comes to the user interface, graphic design is coming a long way in the digital era.

No matter if we are talking about websites, applications or video games graphic design is widely regarded as the most pivotal element in the niche and has to be working seamlessly so the users are satisfied with the interface and overall experience.

Let’s point out what user interface simply is and how it bonds with great graphic design skills. The user interface, simply said (UI) is how all users interact with a device, app, game or website. 

UI design is the work of making sure the program works seamlessly and the user is getting all the information, both graphic and textual, in an incredible way.

This can include continuous interaction with keyboards, buttons, displays, touch-screens, mouse, other pads, digital pens and so much more. Of course, this doesn’t end here and it interplays with the visual part which can be menus, transactions, slides, micro-interactions, loading process, etc.

We can conclude that the job of a UI designer is to both have control over aesthetic appeal and the functionality of all tech-related elements.

Specializing in web apps, websites, games and other mobile apps, UI designers are working closely with UX designers (another field of user experience that is close to design) to make the whole programwork incredibly well.

So, here are some examples of User interface graphic design, we are sure you might know most of them:

  • Theme Design
  • Application Design
  • Game Design
  • Web pages design

These are all parts of our life, whether we are building a website on WordPress or we are playing our favourite games on our consoles, computer or phone.

Not to forget to mentions, user interface graphic designers should not only be team players but should be able to learn massively in the changing times.

This is a sphere that is changing faster than some others and specialists in the field need to have knowledge of coding languages such as HTML, JavaScript, CSS among others to reach perfectionism and be problem solvers.

There are principles in UI graphic design that are related to responsive design and interplay with User Experience (UX), so it is surely an interesting field to learn, practice and work in.

User Interface graphic design is not only here to stay, but it will dominate even further as the years go by. All companies, especially information technology ones, are fighting to reach “perfect” services and products that will satisfy the needs of customers.

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