Black Friday has been around shopping for more than 50 years and the large crowds of people are now getting their way in the digital world.

We are not only shopping in local shops, malls, and other types of shopping centers, but we are also doing it from our laptop or smartphone. It is easier than ever.

Print on demand products are one of the most popular when it comes to Black Friday sales and sellers all over the world are trying different techniques to multiply their leads.  Black Friday sales are not only increasing with every year but it is estimated more than 14% revenue growth worldwide since 2018.

Let’s discuss successful steps you can try out when launching products on Black Friday if you are an online print on demand seller.

  • Get the buzz going

Companies are spending big budgets on getting their social media ads right. They start e-mail campaigns, banner placement in partner websites, even TV and radio commercials are still hot.

For a tighter budget, you can use social media to promote your online store and print on demand products.

  1. Using Facebook – targeting your audience on Facebook has never been more applicable. Promoting catalogs, discounts and your website overall is a major step ahead.
  2. Instagram promotions – whether there are paid apps you are constantly posting to your followers on Insta, you can be sure that it will have its positive impact on your Black Friday campaign. Use posts, hashtags, stories, discount games, and video content to announce winners, codes, and more.
  3. Engage people with E-mail marketing

E-mails are proven to be one of the most effective ways to engage people and send discounts, promotions, and whole catalogs. 

Studies show that nearly 50% of all email recipients are opening their emails because they are simply searching for something to buy during this period.

  • Get your website ready

Having all of your product lines, categories, and website specifications on the lock is a major move you should do before the actual Black Friday. This means all the needed promotions, new products, plugins for site speed, and user-friendliness because people do not want to browse and buy from a website that has broken links, useless site maps, and not enough information.

Wrapping this up

Many free tools can show you the speed and availability of links on your site and if everything is alright. Use them to create a seamless shopping experience on your print on demand products and generate more sales.

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