2. Hashtags 

Hashtags are an important tool to use when you do branding activities. Hashtags serve to group people’s interests so that they can easily find their needs. In addition, hashtags also function as a medium to promote the products and services you sell. The way hashtags work is very simple and very fast. You only need to type a keyword with a hashtag in front of it. 

3. Consistency of Brand Image 

Consistency is very crucial, especially about your brand image. Make sure everything is the same across platforms, be it in terms of design, colour, size of each design element, typography, and so on. To be able to achieve consistency in branding you can do it easily and in a fairly simple way. Make sure the elements that have been mentioned such as colour and typography in your brand design represent a meaning. Furthermore, regularly check whether on one platform to another there are differences and branding needs that have not been updated. 

4. Avoid Monotonously 

The digital era ‘forces’ business people to continue to innovate and adapt. If not, then chances are a brand will be left behind and no longer relevant. Being monotonous is one of the reasons why this can happen. Therefore, keep looking for new ideas and develop those ideas in the products and services you sell. You can do this by regularly updating your campaign program, releasing new products, customer loyalty programs, improving prices and quality. In terms of human resources, you need to train workers who are friendly and have a high work ethic. This is very crucial especially if you work in a field that deals directly with consumers. 

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