Print on demand service is a printing service that is widely available in various locations. There are various things that you can use services and products for. Some of the examples of the products and services will be discussed in the following article. 

 1. Help You Create Cards 

Print on demand services provide products such as greeting cards, thank you cards, and business cards, name cards, and others. You can make your own design first using applications such as Adobe Illustrator or other applications. However, if you don’t have much time to design your card yourself, then you can use a shop printing service to get the job done. The sizes of the cards are relatively the same as the configuration in design, content, colour, shape, and so on. Communicate to the operator at the printing shop you choose. 

 2. Poster 

Posters are an information medium that is not only unique, but also effective in conveying messages. There are thousands of ways of making a good poster. Generally, a good poster has a proportional composition of colour, design selection, and the amount of information listed. If you are still a little confused, you can try to see the references on the internet. There are many examples of posters that you can use. in fact, there are pre-designed templates for free. But to avoid any form of plagiarism, make sure you modify the design or poster that you refer to. There are various sizes that you can use, such as A0, A1, A2, A3, A4, A5 size. These sizes are tailored to your needs. 

 3. X Stand Banner 

If you want to promote a product or service in public places, then you need to consider using an x ​​stand banner. Why is that? The X stand banner provides a unique ‘ad’ for you to present to your potential customers. There are various ways to be creative and make the information on the banner interesting. Apart from being lightweight and easy to carry, the x banner is also very durable, so you can use it for as long as possible. When you make it, make sure you provide a design or artwork x banner stand with a minimum specification of 300 DPI and CMYK colour with K arranged to 100. 

 4. Brochure 

Besides posters, brochures are also an effective medium to promote or build awareness with your potential customers. You can create a brochure with only one side or two sides of information. The choice of card types also varies, from art cards, matt white, or wood-free paper. Everything depends on your needs. You need to first determine what kind of card is suitable for you. The selection of information also has to be considered, so that brochure space is used optimally. 

 5. Stickers 

Various purposes for attaching product information, product labels, or character stickers can be made at print on demand services. Usually, you need a specific design that you make yourself, then consult the printing service you choose. There are various finishes and sizes of stickers such as custom shapes or large formats. 

With the various conveniences and products offered, print on demand service can be your go-to-help when you need them. Good luck! 

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