The Montpellier Fintech company Swile, founded by Loïc Soubeyrand and specialized in the dematerialization of salary benefits (restaurant tickets and gift vouchers), starts 2021 with a very hefty contract: On the 12th of January, it announced that it had just taken over the Carrefour group’s restaurant voucher market, which represents 62,000 future users.

Accompanied by Swile teams, 62,000 Carrefour employees will go from paper notebook to digital restaurant voucher cards;The Montpellier Fintech start-up, founded by Loïc Soubeyrand (former founder of Teads and CEO of Swile), specialized in the dematerialization of salary benefits (restaurant tickets and gift vouchers).

The largest private super market

“The Carrefour Group is the largest private market in the restaurant title market worldwide,” said Loïc Soubeyrand. “ Until now, our biggest client had 10,000 employees, however we are aiming to go big. We do applaud Carrefour’s decision to choose Swile when large groups are reluctant to work with scale-ups… This new collaboration shows that, regardless of the size of a start-up, everyone is capable ofinnovation and transformation, thanks to new digital tools like Swile.”

Jérôme Nanty, the Carrefour France Group’s HRD (5,600 stores), confirms: “With more than 100,000 employees in France, Carrefour is one of the leading private employers in France and wants to offer its employees services and solutions tailored to their needs. This unique menu brings together all their restaurant titles, making it possible to simplify their daily lives, while continuing the process of digitization”.

Profitability in 2021

After a first phase of deployment that began at the end of 2020, the majority of Carrefour Group employees will switch to the Swile card “during the first quarter of 2021, starting with 60% in January,” promises Loïc Soubeyrand, announcing to date some 350,000 employees using his restaurant titles.

The start-up’s 2021 roadmap includes three main objectives: to achieve profitability by the end of the year, to maintain its growth and to deploy internationally.

“This big contract will allow us to accelerate our growth”, says the young executive.

Restaurants’ market is becoming increasingly digital, and in 2021, the card will take precedence over paper. But today, nearly one out of every two contracts is captured by Swile.

Brazil and Mexico

In the coming weeks, the startup is aiming to conquer the Brazilian market, “the biggest ticket-restaurant market in the world,” according to Loïc Soubeyrand: It is a country with more than 200 million inhabitants, where the employee benefit market, with dominant restaurant tickets, is mature. For more than 40 years, restaurant tickets have existed in Brazil, the market is very stable. Swile is planning to focus the Top 3 internationally: Brazil, France and Mexico.

The manager also confirmed having reached 300 employees at the end of 2020, and plans to almost double his workforce in 2021.

“We will be between 500 and 600 at the end of 2021, thanks to the upcoming developments in France and overseas, that should lead Swile to flirt with the billion volume of restaurant tickets and gift certificates this year. In France, we will increase our market share from 10% to 15%.”

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