Creating an appealing Instagram layout is necessary, as we live in an age where social media plays a big role in marketing. Instagram, as a social media that boosts at least 1 billion active monthly users, is a great place where clients can increase their brand awareness.

For graphic design agencies who offer social media marketing, it is important for them to know how to create an appealing Instagram profile. For those who are starting out, there are some steps you can do to start creating your aesthetic Instagram layout.

1. Decide on the layout

The first thing that you must do is to decide the kind of layout you are planning to use. Do you want to use patterned layout, or do you want to use normal Instagram posts? Is there a specific mood you would like to set up on Instagram?

The things mentioned are pivotal, and they can be achieved by understanding the targeted audience. The format of the posts or the type of feed that will be used depends on what the audience wants. Once you’ve gotten the right layout, stick with it, especially if the layou can help to increase the engagement rate..

2. Decide on the overall ambience and color used

Understanding the targeted audience can also help you find the right colors you can use. To make it even better, you can also decide the color scheme you will use on the posts. Will it be in black and white only, or will you use soft muted colors?

Getting the proper colors can be done during brainstorming or research. It’s best to use the same color palette for all social media so that the brand can be distinguished easily.

3. Find the perfect grid

It’s time to focus on the Instagram posts now. You can utilize the grid and create patterns that will make the profile looking more artistic and appealing. Here are some examples:

Checkerboard grid

The checkerboard grid is when the posts alternates between two different kinds of posts, usually an image and a typography. Brands who like to post messages and quotes can use this style to make the feed less boring.

Borders grid

You can use different kinds of images and make them consistent at the same time by using borders. Stick to the same style for the border to create a neat and consistent appearance.

Mixed grid

The last option is to use the different kinds of grids for the Instagram feed. For example, you can use a puzzle style grid for 6 posts and switch to another grid style. There is no need to worry regarding clutter as long as you strategically place the grid properly.

If you are planning to use a mixed grid, it’s best to plan the grids ahead, at least one month before publication. Doing this will help you to plan many grids all at once.

What kind of Instagram profile you are planning to make? Don’t hesitate to tell us in the comments section!

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