Have you heard and know about print on demand before? 

It might be unfamiliar to some people, but let me briefly explain what print on demand actually is. 

Basically, print on demand (POD) is a way of business processes when products (paper and non-paper) will not be printed until someone ordered it! 

But what kind of products are usually made and sold in this way?  

You can find not only books that can be produced with POD, but you will find that t-shirts, hoodies, tote bags, hats, or even mugs can also make and sell with this way! 

The continuous development of printing technology makes us recognize a technology called digital printing today. That is why printing is not just about paper anymore as people can even print their artwork on mugs. 

So back to POD! Today, it is getting more and more attention and popularity.  

But what makes it special so people are attracted to it? 

So, to find out the answer to this question, you can read a few points below which will explain why everyone should consider print-on-demand now!  

1. Low-Cost 

Want to start a business with a minimum amount of money? Then POD might be your best alternative! Why? First, you don’t need to buy printing equipment or digital printing which we know everything is quite expensive! That is because, with POD, people will usually look for a print partner to help them create their products. Second, you don’t have to print a lot of products since you will only print them once there is an order in your hand!  

2. You Don’t Have to Worry About Unsold Products 

Print-on-demand, as its name, you only make the product after receiving an order. So, you don’t have to worry that your product might be dusty, unsold, wasted, or makes you lose a lot of money.  

3. No Stock Required 

We have mentioned over and over that the process will begin once an order is placed. In this case, that means you don’t need to hold stock. So, you don’t have to spend a lot of money for preparing the stock, you can get rid of the fear of unsold products, stress about being overstocked or run of stock, and you don’t need to find space for storing the product!  

4. You Can Print Anything!  

For some people, printing is still a matter of the paper. But because of the digital printing technology that we know today, printing is no longer about paper. You can print your design or artwork on various items such as t-shirts or even bags.  

5. Self-Publishing 

Print on demand is another alternative for writers. There are several reasons why POD should be considered for printing their books. First, they don’t need to find a traditional publisher to allow and accept their works. Sometimes, this is the most challenging step for writers. The next reasons, they also have the freedom to retain and choose the feel and look of their books. Also, POD allows them to easily update their work.  

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