1. Greeting Card Printing 

A greeting card is a medium to convey messages indirectly. On the greeting card, you can write various things such as birthday wishes, thanks, or other greetings. You can write it down by hand, or type it on a computer. Greeting card making services are easy to find. Besides, they usually offer us free template designs and a relatively short processing time. Also, at a very affordable price, greeting card printing services are always a go-to for those who are busy. 

2. Thank You Card Printing 

You often find Thank you card on products in various shopping centres. Besides, currently, small business owners have also started making thank you cards for their products as a thank you to buyers. Of course, this is a simple gesture that adds value to them in the eyes of consumers. Apart from writing a general thank you note, there is additional information that you can use. That is a discount coupon on subsequent purchases. This will attract consumers to return to purchase products to your shops. 

3. Poster Printing  

The use of posters for product promotion, and conveying information, in general, is effective. Why is that? The poster presents a unique information delivery process. This is because posters provide pictures and other interesting illustrations. The role of a graphic designer is very important for the success of making a good poster. There are various design applications that you can use, such as Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and others. Printing service providers can also make designs for you. If that’s the case, then you need to communicate with the design operator at the printing shop. 

4. X Banner Printing 

X banner is usually found in shopping centres, bazaars, exhibitions, and others. This is because x banners have different characteristics than posters or other media. X banner rectangular in a vertical position. Usually made the same height as the height of the person/audience in general. This is to make it easier for potential customers to read the information on the x banner. There are easy rules for you to follow to get an x ​​banner design and content that is not only informative but also fun to look at. What is that? It is a simple design, and the layout of the information is organized, neat, and easy to understand. 

5. Sticker Printing 

You must already know what a sticker is, right? Yes, a sticker is printed paper/plastic, one of which has adhesive on one side or the other. That side will attach the sticker to a surface. There are already many types of stickers, ranging from types and sizes. There are small, medium, and large. The type of sticker that you will use also needs to be adjusted. There is also a type that is strong enough if you install it outdoors because there is a laminate that protects it from getting wet, damp, or hot. You can make your own design, then print it at your nearby printing shop. Good luck! 

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