You are an artist, digital illustrator, or graphic designer who has a lot to show to the world?

Welcome to the digital age where you can sell your art and masterpiece creations to people all over the globe.  Working with a print on demand team and having the right strategy, you can achieve greatness in selling all of your designs and make a profit from people who are thousands of miles from your location.

Online technology and multiple selling platforms allow you to set a range of products with your unique designs and ship them all over the world.

Succeeding in business is pivotal if you want to sell art. No one will come and say: “Hey, I like this design I want to buy.” You need to have a marketing strategy and good knowledge of using platforms like Shopify, Etsy, or Amazon among others to sell and create your online presence.

Here are the first steps you can make to start providing your masterpieces to a broad audience.

  • Choose the right store platform

You need to understand the importance of choosing a platform that is best for your needs and allows the functionality to allow more items. Whether you are providing paintings, collectible items, postcards, print illustrations, you need to differentiate them by categories in the platform.

You can use Etsy or Shopify, many great artists are making a great amount of profit and provide custom designs to people in Europe, Asia, The States, and Australia.

  • Prepare your designs for print on demand

Choosing the right partner to work with when offering your unique designs is the next step of the journey.  Having all of your designs ready for discussion with the POD partner is a key step in getting ahead and managing to sell more copies afterward.

Picking the right designs for the right products needs to happen during this process. You can choose the materials, type of paper, build products on which your designs are going to be printed.

Some might say that this is the hardest part of the process and to some extent it is.

Uploading all of your ready products on the platform is pivotal and then advertising to your target audience is what you need to take your time on.

Use social media, paid ads, write the proper descriptions, add video, promotions, discount vouchers, and e-mail marketing.

When you plan your budget wisely and keep track on retargeting campaigns and leads you will soon see incredible results.

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