Christmas and the weeks before are the times when people are urgent with their purchases.

Companies are getting overwhelmed with the demand and sometimes presents that should be available for Christmas are coming weeks after that. What is the point of purchasing then?

Here are some knowledge bombs you can use to make the “perfect” plan for November and December, as the demand for purchases between Black Friday and Christmas is usually off the chain.

  1. Trendsetting the new way of shopping

E-commerce and online shopping are nothing new but in the last 5 years, the global revenue of all products has multiplied drastically.

People are not only spending more money around holidays but they prefer to purchase the products online and not use physical stores anymore. It is more convenient, fast and you can purchase an item that might not be in stock in your area.  It has its perks.

In 2021 and last year the pandemic closed millions of shops so the only way people were able to get their new products was by online shopping.

Think of both November and December to be the months of ultimate purchasing and shipping.  Sales are not only boosted, now they are highly in demand.

  • Prepare for the season

If you are having an e-commerce business with print on demand products you need to get some things straight before entering the date of 1st of November.  Here is how you can start strong and benefit from your Christmas marketing strategy:

  • Know that people start to buy Christmas presents early in November
  • Prepare Christmas design products on T-shirts, mugs, photos, decoration, and more
  • Change the outlook of your online store
  • Send small gifts to clients with their purchase
  • Offer Christmas discount vouchers
  • Games for clients to play and win and announce the winner on a specific date /Example/
  • Create a buzz by using social media ads, e-mails, subscriptions, and video content
  • Announce countdown for available cheaper prices
  • And last but not least – “ Free Shipping”

These are just a glimpse of ideas of what you can do to prepare for Black Friday and then Christmas.

Of course, these ideas can be applied to other holidays like Easter, Halloween, Valentine’s Day, summer discounts and so much more.

Think creatively and reap the benefits of seasonal sales. With the right strategy and work put behind the campaign, you can multiply your revenue effectively.

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