Are you looking for some resources where you can learn about productivity?  

Then we have the answer to your question! 

In this article, we will give you some books or YouTube recommendations to help you learn more about productivity!  

So, let’s get started! 

YouTube Channels 

Today, YouTube is very popular not only for entertainment but also for learning new things including productivity. Actually, you can easily find lots of productivity channels or influencers on YouTube that usually share their tips, strategies, or even productivity insight. But, in this article, we will only recommend a few of them. Here is the list of our recommendations!  

1. Ali Abdaal 

So, the first one, we recommend you to Ali Abdaal’s channel! One of the most popular videos on Ali’s channel is “How I ranked 1st at Cambridge University”. That is pretty awesome, right? But his channel is not just about how Ali go to the top of the rank at Cambridge. On his channel, Ali shares various content including productivity too! You will find some tips on time management, how to beat procrastination and much more content that will help you increase your productivity! 

2. Matt D’Avella 

You will definitely learn a lot of things cause Matt D’Avella shares various information on his YouTube channel! You will find him sharing about minimalism, technology, self-development, his experiments, or even productivity hacks that are worth a try! Apart from that, you will enjoy watching the content shared on this channel because the editing and video quality are great! 

3. Mariana’s Corner 

So, the next one we recommend you Mariana’s Corner channel! On her channel, Mariana shares different kinds of content about books, planning, journaling, routines, studies, lifestyle, and of course productivity! She has been actively sharing how to take notes fast and other content on her YouTube channel since 2015. 

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