What comes to your mind when someone tells you about print on demand? For those who already know and familiar with it, maybe they will answer with something related to book printing or customize t-shirts. But for others who are still unfamiliar with print on demand, what will they answers? 

Well, in this article, you will find out a few things or information related to print on demand. Especially for those who haven’t know it yet, hopefully, a few information below can leverage your understanding about print on demand. 

1. What Exactly Is Print on Demand? 

So, at the first point, we have to talk and understand what print on demand is first. Basically, print on demand or POD is a system where an individual or company will print books or other items after they receive an order. The order doesn’t have to be in large numbers since a single order will also be served. In this case, there is no requirement that the individual or company who implementing POD should have stock for their product.  

2. Benefits of Print on Demand 

As a print on demand is becoming more and more popular nowadays, just knowing the definition of print on demand is never enough. You also have to understand why people choose to use POD in running their business or what makes the POD special so people consider it. So, here are some of the advantages of print on demand! 

  • As mentioned earlier, there are no stock requirements in the POD. As a result, you can get rid of the fear of the number of unsold products that can be wasted, overstocked, out of stock, or even about the inventory cost.  
  • Print on demand exists due to advances in digital printing technology. So, you will find that POD uses digital printing to produce its products. What makes it special is because digital printing takes a little time to set up compared to traditional printing such as offset printing.  
  • Because the cost to prepare offset printing is quite expensive, if you make a product in small quantities, the average price will be higher. But, if you make it in large quantities, the price will be cheaper. That is not the same with print on demand because no matter the amount of the order, you will pay it with a fixed cost. That is why for small order POD is a great choice!   
  • Digital print can help you to print anything! For example, digital printing used for printing books can also be used for printing calendars. 

3. Popular Product for POD 

As we mentioned before that POD prints not only book but also other items. So, at the third point, we will discuss some of the popular print on demand products for sale. Here are several of them! 

  • Books. This is one of the most popular POD products that we have mentioned many times before. 
  • T shirts. The popularity of custom t-shirt is quite similar to books. 
  • Prints on canvas. This is another alternative for those who want to create an artwork on a canvas without using expensive oil paints. 
  • Cup or mug printing. Another POD product that suitable both for individual use or as a gift. 
  • And many more.  

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