In every market, there are several established and new cosmetic brands. Therefore, a start-up has to deal with intense competition for survival. And to achieve that, your cosmetic brand needs an effective business promotion strategy that tackles competitors and positions you as a Cosmetics leader. However, there are no shortcuts to attaining this feat.

The cosmetic and beauty brand market reached $60 billion in the US in 2016, with skincare, perfumes, makeup, and fragrance as the leading segments. Therefore, if you want to survive the fierce competition, your marketing strategies must be useful, and here are five tips for promoting your cosmetic brand.

1.Sell to medium-sized retail outlets.

Don’t succumb to the temptation of including the large big-box retailers when considering options to market your products. Your start-up might not be ready for big retailers. Most of the large retailers prefer buying from companies selling only to big stores. Therefore, select mid-sized or small retail stores as your initial clients,

Furthermore, the interested retailer may request product samples. Although that may seem costly for a Start-up, if medium-sized stores agree to sell your product line, you will experience an instant boost in your brand.

2. Leverage eCommerce

Another practical approach to promoting your cosmetic brand is putting it on the web. A considerable percentage of prospects for your products shop and search for products online. First, you should set up an eCommerce website that contains all relevant information such as your product quality, prices, social media channels, a working navigational feature, images, and most importantly, your contact details and company’s address. It is a noteworthy mention that your eCommerce website must be attractive, unique, and useful. Only a website with those features drives sales.

3. Explore social networking

Social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram are like the modern market where you can sell your cosmetics. These virtual marketplaces are suitable for connecting with a significant number of prospective customers. All you have to do is post engaging content and visuals consistently to develop your business’s strong presence on the platforms. Ensure that your Start-up has a dedicated page for your beauty products on several channels employing attractive texts and images.

4. Create a unique logo

Every global brand has a thing in common unique logos. Everyone recognizes Nike, Google, Pepsi, and several other brands with international reputations by their memorable logo. That explicitly indicates the significance of the brand logo in marketing.

5. Take part in trade shows

Sometimes, people organize certain beauty or cosmetic business events in several cities. Suppose that type of event is taking place in your town. In that case, you should attend one. Such trade shows offer a big chance to promote your Start-up amid prospects. Although purchasing an exhibitor booth is quite expensive, it will surely be worth it in the end. That way, you can bring your innovative products into the limelight by showcasing them for retailers all over the country to see. However, note that before you take part in a trade show, ensure that your business card, containing your contact details with a memorable presentation, is ready.

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