Did you know about print on demand before? Or maybe you’ve bought Print on Demand products before without you knowing it? 

But wait! What is print on demand? 

Well, print on demand or POD is a system where products will only be printed after the order is received. POD is not only about paper or book printing because your clothes could be POD products too! Some of the popular POD products on the market today are books, T-shirts, hats, mugs, tote bags, or even hoodies. 

The question now, is print on demand or POD worth to do?  

So, to know the answer to the previous question, let’s we find out a few points below!  

Print Partner 

First, let’s talk about one of the essential things in POD. So, print on demand doesn’t require you to have digital printing technology or other printing equipment. Instead of printing the order by yourself, you can print it at another printing company that become your printing partner. Usually, there will be a fixed cost for each product. But not all companies support the same price as some of them may have additional charges for their printing services.  

You Don’t Have to Invest Lots of Money!  

POD is worth to do because you don’t need to invest a lot of money especially in starting your business. Why? First, as we mentioned in the last point, there is no requirement for you to buy the equipment. Then second, you don’t have to make hundreds of inventory stocks at the beginning of your business. If you look back at the definition of print on demand, you’ll read that the POD only prints the product after receiving an order for it. 

No Inventory 

Unlike other businesses that require initial inventory, POD only prints your products by order. So, there is no inventory for it. And do you know what is that means? That means you don’t have to look for storage and spend your money on inventory costs. But that’s not all! No inventory means also you don’t have to worry about your product being unsold and wasted which can cost you a lot of money!  

Create Your Design! 

Another thing that makes POD worth doing is that you can create your own designs and place them on the products you sell, maybe on mugs, t-shirts, bags or even hats. That’s great, right?  

Your Brand 

What makes POD worth doing? Because you can sell it under your brand or name! Even though the printing process will be carried out by a print partner or even some companies also packing and sending the products directly to the customer, all of your orders can be sold under your brand. 

Now, after knowing a few points related to print on demand above, what do you think? Have you got all the points? Whether POD is worth doing or not, it depends on your perspective. But hopefully, this article can help you to find out more about things that make POD worth doing! 

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