Having in mind that customer experience is as important as having all of your products in stock is crucial for revenue growth and the satisfaction of clients.

In this article, we will offer some steps you can follow to improve your customer experience whatever print on demand product you are offering, and multiply your revenue.

According to a study, more than 86% of clients are willing to pay more if the customer experience is on point.  We can think of it that in the next few years customer experience is going to be a major factor in brands’ identity.

Let’s start with the pivotal parts of forming the overall customer experience and point out what should be updated frequently to satisfy the needs of clients.

  1. Outstanding Customer Service

Deciding to use either chatbots or live chat is crucial. With chatbots, you can get ready answers for clients but with live chat support, you can talk and point the client to a product in real-time. Both have their benefits but in some cases live chat dominates. It is more precise, it happens in real-time and you can hire team support to do the job for you.

Ticket systems are another part of the whole puzzle. You need specialized software to take care of all the purchases and to collect all requests from the clients.

  • Managing your clients’ expectations

Another pivotal part is providing all data to your clients and let them know what is going on with their purchase. Of course, you can include PDF files, tables, letters which are showing all data about the delivery, shipping costs, overall prices, and confirmation template letters.

Having all descriptions of your products written properly is a key element when you are selling on Etsy, Shopify, or another platform.

  • FAQ page

There are many frequently asked questions about the purchase, delivery dates, additional costs, sizes, deadlines, and payment, so having a page about them should do the job.

Have all the questions already answered? All of your clients would love to experience finding information with a single click.

  • Proper confirmation emails

Having the proper confirmation emails and including pivotal data in them such as links, other products, dates, and buttons can multiply your deals.

Giant companies like Nike are using this technique to point customers back to their website when they receive the confirmation email template, so why wouldn’t you?

Final words

You can improve the customer experience by including these tips in your online store. Of course, there are many more, like user experience, how fast the website loads, is it mobile-friendly, so you can create a list and start improving.

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