Are you looking for a means to make an extra income? Then you should try bookkeeping. If you are a person with maths skills, love solving puzzles, and is generally good with numbers, then starting up a bookkeeping service would be just right for you.  

With the increase in more businesses being opened and businesses evolving in recent times, bookkeepers’ demand is ever increasing. 

With the advancement of technology and the internet, you can also work from home as a virtual bookkeeper. The primary requirements to start up is your computer, the ability to interpret numbers, and a little more of your time. 

This is a lucrative business that is often neglected in our society today. Are you a newbie who would also love to start up an online bookkeeping service with little knowledge about it, read on and you will get the knowledge you need to be fully equipped for this business? 

Your services as a virtual bookkeeper would include (but not limited to) the following: 

– update accounts 

– record receipts 

– Issue customer invoices 

– Process bills and payments 

– Analyze financial statements 

The following steps would help you successfully start your online bookkeeping services: 


Before you start your bookkeeping business, ensure you have the relevant knowledge and skills in bookkeeping. This could either come as an experience by working as a bookkeeper in related forms or getting certified as a bookkeeper. Whichever way, you should be equipped with the basics of bookkeeping and be conversant with the services you should offer as a bookkeeper. 


Now you know what bookkeepers do, you can decide on the services you would want to offer to clients. Also, ensure to be clear on the purpose of your business. 


Before going further, you should know the ideal clients you would want to offer your services. To know your target audience you should; 

  • have an idea of the industry your business operates in;  
  • the kind of clients that work with the industry; 
  • the industries they are in; 
  • the number of employees they have 
  • the challenges they are likely to face and the nature of their revenue. 


Research your industry and see examples of other businesses to enable you to create a unique name for yourself. If you have your name figured out, it’s okay. If you’re not so sure of a name, you can use some search options to help you develop a name for your business. 

You should also be aware of the business structure available for your business before making a final decision on your business structure. You should also be mindful of the details and the requirements of operating as a sole proprietor or other structures. 


Now you are ready to launch your business. Create a website and announce your presence by advertising your business using social media platforms. Create business pages and come up with targeted ads and promotional posts to create awareness of your services. 

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