Thinking of starting your accounting firm? Wow! I am excited you are taking this bold step. This is a step in the right direction. You are definitely on the right page, and we provide you will all you need to get started. 

For an accounting firm, her responsibilities will be to help both individuals and corporate bodies make the best of their finances. That will include keeping track of expenses, income, taxes, and financial analysis. This will be with the help of employed professional accountants. 

Create A Plan 

To start any business, you need to have a strategy and then create a business plan around it. The business plan will answer many questions like the name of the business, where, for whom (clients), and how the business will be done. The financial implication for starting and running the business. This is key to the success of your accounting firm. 


Once your business plan is feasible, next is to begin to do all the necessary registrations. That will include business registration, professional body certifications, and tax registration. This may also include bank account opening for the business. This is also a very good time to secure a location for your business if you intend to have a physical address. 


You need to recruit, except you are working with colleagues who will be handling different areas. You will need to do human resources planning and then recruit to fill the positions required for the moment. That will require you to do a job analysis for each of those roles. With this, you create your team. 

Create Service Contracts 

You are almost set for full operations. Here you create your services with the terms and conditions. This is like creating your products. They will emerge from your business goals and the problem it hopes to solve particularly. It will also put in mind the target market, which are the clients. 


You will need to create policies for your services and for interaction with both your clients and staff. For policies relating to staff, your human resources department will handle that in with the goal of the organization. The customer service department will help for that of the client. 


The available processes determine the way and how things are done within the organization. Like the stages to get things done and what happens at each stage. Without processes, things will be muddled up, and no growth will be in view. So processes are important because it helps to create and maintain the standard. 


Well, if you intend to make sales, you need to market your services. The modules Operandi for your marketing will depend on the target market and marketing trend. It would help if you created awareness for both your company and the services. You may either do this with your team or you contract to marketing agencies. 

I believe this piece must have equipped you as you prepare to start your accounting firm. If this piece has helped you, kindly share your thoughts with us through the comment section. 

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