You may often see a lot of posters, including poster stands that tend to blend with other posters. It’s quite rare to find posters that get your attention. Including here, the poster stands are getting less likely to be seen if the pictures or designs and writings do not attract people’s attention. If you are planning to make a poster stand, then consider making it as good as possible, in the sense that you put good content into it, design it well, and take the time to finalize it. Don’t rush, because anything good takes time. It is like a tree that takes time to grow and develop so that people can pick its sweet fruit. 

Keep the most important information you want to convey as the first thing that is easiest to see, and use bullets points to break up the lists of information you want to convey. Avoid writing text that is too big and too long to see, and don’t be afraid to leave some space on your standing poster blank. You are also advised to double-check before you finalize the poster you are going to print. 

The first thing you will need to do is plan your poster on a piece of paper. Try various design ideas that come to your mind. You can draw and write down the ideas and maybe combine more than one idea. You will also understand and get an overview of how the ideas and information you want to convey will fit together. You can also see which ideas are likely to be put into the poster, and which ideas may be less likely to get into the next stage. In that piece of paper, you don’t need to make it in detail, but you only need to write down design ideas and what information will be published, and how these things will support each other if it is printed in the form of a standing poster. 

The second thing is to write an eye-catching headline on the poster you are designing. If your poster will be placed in an area where there are also many posters of your competitors, then you have to come up with a headline that will make the viewers focus on one interesting piece of information. After that, people who saw it would continue to search deeper for the poster’s information. Usually, one hook that will attract attention is a discount, sale, a nice drawing or design, and so on. 

If you want, you can come up with funny and tickling headlines. That way, people will laugh and want to take a closer look at what exactly makes them laugh. The headline you use must be large enough to be seen from a distance, for example 1 meter, 2 meters, or even up to more than 10 meters. Also, it is recommended that the colour of the letters in your headline be different from the colours of other letters which serve as additional information. 

Design the most relevant information at the heart of your poster, and make it a big headline. Finding headlines is not a difficult thing, you only need to first list the things that are the information and the essence of the poster you want to design. Then choose one of the core pieces of information that you think will attract attention. For example, the product you want to promote is bolognese sauce, an example of a headline on a poster that you can use is “which part of the cow becomes your spaghetti bolognese?”. See? It does not need a complete query, but it is enough to make the customer want to know more about what they saw. 

After you pour your ideas on paper, and you have made the design in general, then you can print the posters in various places. These places are like a poster stand in singapore that provides services for making and printing a standing poster that you can rely on. Good luck!

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