A Few Self-Care Practices to Improve Your Productivity (Cont.)

1. Eat Healthily and Drink Enough Water! 

Do you know that our food choices affect our health, cognitive performance, energy levels, mood, and productivity? That is why your food decision for lunch will affect your entire afternoon. Because of that, one of the self-care practices to help you boost your productivity is to choose healthier foods. One of the simplest things you can do is to put healthy snacks around your desk. 

Another self-care you can do is to drink enough water. No sugary or caffeinated! Having enough water helps you to stay hydrated. The good thing about being hydrated is that it can improve your brain function and even make you feel more awake!  

2. Sleep Well and Enough! 

Often, most of us are too busy to work and do have no enough time to sleep. Unfortunately, not getting enough sleep can make it difficult for us to communicate, memorize, or even concentrate. Can you still be productive with such conditions? Because of that, one of the self-care practices that can help you boost your productivity is to have enough time to sleep and rest! 

3. Do Your Hobby 

What are your hobbies? Reading novels? Singing? Playing games? Camping? Or do you have other hobbies?  

Doing your hobby is great as it can help you to minimize your stress, fatigue, or even burnout. Besides, mastering your hobby can also make you more confident, gain new skills level, and be more creative. 

So, those are a few self-care practices that can make you feel better and bring balance to your life. As a result, self-care not only improve your overall wellness and health, but it can improve and boost your productivity as well! 

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