To talk about the sustainable model used at Mandreel, we first have to talk about sustainable branding and its influence on the advertising industry. Sustainable branding is defined as the advertising process where a value is created that is on par with the social expectations that are expected of a specific brand or company.

The only way to create this “social value” is through an evaluation and analysis made by brands and advertising agencies, in the modern social environment. On the other hand, as sustainable branding arises from the needs and expectations that society expects from companies, brands devote all their efforts to adapt their values and spread them through coherent advertising campaigns.

In the specific case of, it makes an effort to reinforce and, if necessary, redefine the corporate values of the brands, to avoid problems of reputation and image in the eyes of society.

Impact of sustainable branding

Today’s markets are increasingly competitive, and for this reason, brands monitor social environments to adapt and then protect themselves from any factors that may put their commercial and financial survival at risk.

Because brands are constantly exposed to scrutiny by societies and feel significant pressure from stakeholders, the need for advertising strategies that not only strengthen the image of brands but also show their values consistently and coherently, arises.

Mandreel and sustainable branding

Different workgroups are specialized in the design and creation of “social value” strategies for any brand that needs it. Through various activities, the image and values of brands can be shaped.

  • Through risk analysis and management, the agency can efficiently manage the brand or company. To achieve this, the agency understands that branding and sustainability must complement each other to drive brand growth.
  • After a coherent and precise diagnosis, the agency chooses to prioritize the most important factors for society. In this way, a “social value” proposal can be developed that is in line with society’s expectations and at the same time allows the brand to stand out from the competition in the long term.
  • Then prioritizing the guidelines to be followed, a work route can be conceived, with which the sustainable values and principles that a brand should follow can be defined. Only in this way is it possible to protect the brand from all the risks that can affect its reputation and commercial and financial operations. The goal is to avoid risks that threaten the survival of brands over time.

In short, with market research, storytelling, and efficient message dissemination, advertising campaigns can be designed that not only captivate and inspire people but also help the planet with efficient and genuine changes.

With this kind of vision and commitment, agencies like can empower those brands that need it and those companies that want to improve their commercial and financial operations, and at the same time help the environment through an effective branding campaign. It is an effective way to encourage sustainable campaigns. 

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