Next is to focus on yourself in the morning, by doing meditation, stretching, grab a simple breakfast. Just take a short meditation and do yoga if possible. Avoid starting the day by looking at your calendar, checking emails, and looking at your phone. This is to avoid you from being distracted in the morning which will give the effect of a burden that day. 

The next thing is to take a break, seriously. Like when you already feel sore or you start to feel a little dizzy, a sign that you need to take a break. Drinking water and eating snacks will recover you from the fatigue you experience. Unlike lunch, a short break will give you a boost in between your work. You will return to work with good stamina and definitely a good mood. 

Tackle the challenging task first thing in the morning. Try to start your to-do list with a complicated major task. With a fresh condition in the morning, you will find it easier to break down and complete complex tasks. If you have a meeting to do, schedule it in the afternoon or evening. That way will give you space to create and be more prepared. 

After doing the things mentioned above, maybe you have started to improve your day-to-day routine job. Now is the time to make your system work. Make a plan to regularly check email, call, and meet at a predetermined time. Making this time slot will make you more mindful and productive every day! 

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