The basic principles of graphic design are the basic blocks for any graphic designer. To create a design, be it a logo, a custom illustration or a website, it is fundamental that you understand these basics. They will help you create an impressive visual from scratch. Here are some of the graphic design basics that you should know about:


When it comes to graphic design, balance is the distribution if visual weight equally, meaning how much elements in a design attract the eye of a viewer. Visual elements should be evenly spread out in a design for it to communicate well.


The next element in graphic design basics is space. The best design is one that makes use of open space to attract focus to the elements in the design that matter. A graphic designer should learn how to effectively utilize space and composition.


Line is a feature that is used numerous times in graphic design. It firms part of the foundation of any creation and it plays a huge part in the outcome of any graphic design.


The color you use on your design influences the overall outcome. Knowing how to use color can make you design vibrant, improve its overall aesthetic and even help your viewers connect to your design. Every variant of color has a certain effect on the audience which means that to get your desired outcome, you should understand the meaning behind each color and use it to your advantage when creating your design. This is why color is one of the most significant graphic design basics.


Texture refers to a surfaces’ physical quality. In graphic design, texture can either be brought out through a three dimensional item or it can be implied via an illustration. The importance of texture in graphic design is that it adds some tactility and depth to an image that may be flat to make it seem either soft, hard, rough or smooth. Texture makes your images get more attention and become more memorable. Finding the right amount of depth for texture in a design is vital for a graphic designer.


Branding is one of the graphic design basics because it is the way in which your story, product, service or business comes to life. Creating a brand that is true to your graphic design business will help you connect more to your target audience and customers. Strategy is the foundation of branding and planning ahead will help you come up with the best brand for you.


The kind of words you use play a significant role in passing a message to your audience. The font and design you use for your words is just as important. Typography ranges from the layout of your font to the font selection itself. The typography is one of the graphic design basics because it not only communicates your message, but also about you and your brand. Understanding the different typography principles will help you use them creatively and to your advantage.

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