Calendar is an effective object that can help us keep track of time and bring awareness on the brand. A perfect corporate calendar should be bold and has a strong sense of branding where the corporate’s message can be conveyed. Here are some tips for graphic design agencies to create an effective calendar design for their clients.

1. Create your content

Yes, there is content in calendar design. The content is usually placed on the corner of the image section.

There are various kinds of content. The content can be quotes from the company’s directors or the events that happened during a specific month. The stories can also be connected to each other.

However you would like the story would be, make sure they can easily be read. The font should blend with the overall design while being able to stand out at the same time.

2. Use colors with strong branding

Since calendars are mostly made of dates and information, it should be minimalistic and straightforward. In order to make the calendar pop, we can use colors with strong branding. The most common way is to use the corporate’s color as the dominant color while combining it with negative space. You can also use other colors, but make sure the color has been used by the company before. Doing this will make the calendar relevant for marketing and brand awareness.

3. Utilize images and photography

Designers can express themselves freely on the image section of the calendar. They can use illustrations, images, and corporate snapshots. Make sure the images used are high-quality and won’t break down into pixels when printed.

If you are planning to use illustrations, make sure they are original illustrations and not stock-free photos. Using stock photos lower the quality of the brand, making the calendar less appealing.

Photography can be used to replace the content. You can do so by placing photographs of the corporate events and employees’ activities. So instead of typing out the content, the image is the content.

4. Use symbols

If illustrations and snapshots are not the corporate’s concept, you can try using symbolic illustrations. Symbolic illustrations can express the brand’s vision and mission better while making the calendar more appealing and aesthetic.

For descriptive illustrations, you can use text/paragraph to accompany it. It will create a nice minimalistic look that is also high-end.

5. Be consistent

Once you’ve settled with a layout color, and illustration type, you need to use it from the beginning until the end. It is important to stay consistent so that the calendar can look neat and appealing. With a consistent and appealing calendar, the corporate will gain another bonus point for exposure.

Of course, the fifth step isn’t the end of calendar design. However, we hope that the tips above can be useful for those who need a starting point for their calendar design. The most important thing is to give it your all and communicate with the client properly.

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