For one to be a graphic designer, he needs to understand the basics of the industry itself. For those who are starting their designing journey, we have provided you a brief definition of the elements of graphic design.

1. Line

Line has all kinds of purposes. They can create an object, connect one content to another, create patterns, or even a guide for the viewer.

There are different kinds of lines to, ranging from dotted lines to curvy lines. The type of line depends on the purpose of the line.

2. Shape

There are all kinds of shapes in the creative community, but they all have similar types, which are: geometric (circles, squares, etc.), natural (leaves, people, etc.), and abstracts (icons, graphics, etc.). Designers do not separate the shapes but instead use all of them at once, meaning that they combine to create shapes to create the perfect design.

3. Color

The main purpose of cheating a design is to convey the message or idea using the design, and color helps to send the message across to the audience. Through color, the viewer can get the message across as they look at the result. Color is also often used to make the design more appealing through the combination of different colors.

4. Texture

Texture is the surface of an object. So we use lines to create objects, while the texture is used to complete the surface of the object. Texture is the part of the graphic design that is used to make the work look appealing, as texture can be in many forms. From pattern to printable surface, you can create anything on texture. They are perfect at making an object that seems lifeless to appear more appealing and believable.

5. Size

Never underestimate size, as size is what makes others pay attention to certain objects. The bigger the size of an object, the more attention it will be given to. Seeing its importance, it is best to learn to use variety of sizes to complete your work.

6. Value

Value can be considered as the amount of a color/texture used. Is it 100% solid, or is it 50% opaque? Is the color the darkest color, or is it the lightest color? Value can help to create an illusion of movement or even enhance the design as long as they are used properly.

7. Space

Space should never be left out. In graphic design, space is used to separate or group objects. Just like value, if you use a proper amount of size, it can enhance the design and make it more appealing. They can also be used to create an illusion of depth, multi-dimension, or even create a minimalistic and clean look that is modern and trendy.

There are other elements of graphic design, but the seven mentioned above are the most common ones. Graphic design service might seem complex, but once you understand its basics, it will be a fun experience that is full of colors!

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