Branding is not just for Coca-cola, Apple, or other popular brands. It is also not only about products or services. So, what is it about? It can also be about you! Have you heard or known about ‘personal branding’ before? 

That is the topic that we are going to talk about in this article! So, keep reading! 

A Personal Brand and Branding! 

Actually, personal branding is quite similar to product branding. But the main difference between them is only about the object. In product branding, you market a product brand. But in personal branding, you market a personal brand! 

But what is a personal brand? 

A personal brand is the combination of your experiences and skills that makes you who you are and determines what people think about you.  

What about personal branding? 

It is the process of building or developing your personal brand, who you really are and what you stand for, to influence people’s perception of you. We can also say that it is about how you present yourself to others or the world.  

Why Is Personal Branding Important? Why Do We Need It? 

In business, branding is essential! It is also the same in personal branding.  

There are so many benefits that can be obtained by branding yourself, either for you personally or professionally. Here are a few reasons why it is important and why do we need it! 

1. You Can Control Your Brand Image 

What people think of you, that is your personal brand. The good thing about personal branding is that you have the opportunity to decide what you want to show the world about yourself and what you want people to think about you. Even though you cannot completely control the result, you can still navigate, be actively involved, and give input in developing your personal brand.

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