As 2020 is coming to an end, everyone is concerned about 2021 design trends.

Year in year out, the graphic design service industry continues to use designs that visually impact viewers and brands.

So here, let’s take a tour of the design trends for 2021.

Design trends for 2021

3D Design

This design has been around for a long time now, and designers continue to add creative twists to it.

With its ever-trending twists, 3D designs will stand out and maintain their relevance in 2021.

2. Emoji Design

Emojis are the new way designers give emotions to designs.

They’ll likely gain strong ground as the year goes by.

3. Nature-Inspired Design

These are cool and soft designs that mimic nature and give a natural feel. People appreciate it, especially during the pandemic. It’ll continue to stay relevant since it’s like bringing nature to people indoors.

4. Optical Illusion Design

These designs trick the eyes and make viewers stay glued to the image. It makes viewers busy on the page.

In 2021, designers will get a lot more crazy and add more fun.

5. 3D Typography Design

Typography design came in 2020. In 2021 it is likely going to transform into 3D and be more popular.

6. Cartoon Illustrations Design

People love cartoons, and cartoon illustrations are not exempted too. They’re interesting to view as viewers find them playful and put a smile on their faces. They are perfect for creating memorable branding. These designs are not going away anytime soon.

7. Gold Design

God designs have metallic effects and have gained ground in product designs such as Smartphone designs.

It’ll continue to be popular in product designs in 2021, and more product industries will adopt it.

8. Voxel Art Design

Voxel art combines both 3D and shape elements in creating interesting designs.

Just as 3D will be popular in 2021, Voxel art designs will be popular.

9. Monochrome & Duotone Design

These designs are easy for the brain to comprehend as they’re calm, cool, and not complicated quickly.

It’ll be trendy in 2021 because as people spend more time on their computers, they’ll need designs that are not stressful to understand.

10. Geometric Shapes Design

This design plays on making larger shapes from smaller ones. They feature powerful colours, large blocks, solids, and outline mix. These elements all combine to create an imaginative effect.

Although they’ve been around for a while, they’ll remain popular in 2021.

Some have 3D elements like a shadow, gradient effect, and depth.

11. Typography Chaos Design

These designs disrupt the order and alignment of letters and words. It is a hot pick for casual and playfully dynamic brands.

12. Colourless Design

2020 took a turn to experience more muted palettes. 2021 is likely going to take that same route.

Colourless Designs are designs that come in black and white.

Take advantage of this prediction of design trends for 2021 listed above for inspiration and a guide for your 2021 design needs.

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