A successful business is not only made by producing the best products or services. It is built with many essential components, including branding!  

For some people, branding is just about logos or icons. Others think that it is only for big companies such as McDonald or Starbucks.  

But the question is “What exactly is branding?” 

Although some people think that branding is only about logos or icons, it’s actually much more than that! 

Yes, a brand is a noun! It is related to a logo. But branding is an action, a verb. So, it is basically the action to build your brand in customer perception. But what kind of actions is it? 

When you create your business or brand logo, that is branding. When you determine specific colours to associate with your brand or company, that is branding too! So, when it comes to building a brand in customers perception, there are actually lots of actions related to it. 

Is it important? 

Having a good service or product in a business is definitely important! But what about branding? Is it really necessary? 

The answer is yes! It is important, not only for large companies but for all businesses. Here are the reasons why! 

  • There are so many brands out there. But, don’t worry, branding can help your brand stand out among the competitors.  
  • It helps your business build identity. 
  • It helps you to make your brand more recognizable! 
  • It can be a good way to create trust 
  • And more! 

Elements of Branding 

A brand is not only about a logo. There are several elements that also need to be developed in branding. Here are some of them! 

  • The most fundamental elements, mission statement and your brand values.  
  • Brand guidelines. 
  • The face of your company or business, a logo.  
  • Website and social media can also be branding elements in digital form.  
  • Business cards. 
  • And many more!

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