There are certain websites where you can download wallpapers. These websites let you download classic wallpapers which you can use on your computer, smart phone or products. These websites are the best websites for such downloads.

The websites are below:

Mr Wallpaper

Mr Wallpaper is one place you can download HD and High Resolution Wallpapers. It is a simple website and you can find a wallpaper that is perfect for the crisp and beautiful display.

HD Wallpapers

Apart from its aesthetics, HD Wallpapers have High Resolution with its simple and free interface.

High Resolution Wallpapers

This  is a very nice wallpaper website. The images can work efficiently with beautiful retina display and crisp. It is a site with simple navigation and comprehension.


It is a website that has clean interface and beautiful wallpapers. It is a site that has shipping centre, games and apps. One extra thing you need to do is to make a premium account.

The image size is optimised in your screen. You can choose from various categories like music, kids, cute, nature, fun, Christmas, space, maps, abstract and creatures.


This is the largest community online and is a place for many wallpapers. There are different categories from literature to Flash designs. A lot of wallpapers were packaged and designed in the website. It is a large website that might take some time to get the relevant image.


Dribble is another website like Deviant Art in the search results. It is a website where you can add regular vectors or wallpapers or something tagged in the searched words. Some wallpapers are not free. It is a simple website to use.


WallpapersWide has an interface that is interesting. When you hover through image, click the arrow or thumbnail that shows on top of the thumbnail. When you click the arrow, you can preview the image and download it. Also when you click on that thumbnail, it involves extra options like knowing the tagging of the image and looking at the associated art. 

You can download wallpapers of different categories like vintage, travel, sports, space, seasons, nature and music. Other categories include movies, motors, love, holidays, girls, games, funny and food and drink, elements, computers and city etc. Resolutions available are triple monitor, dual monitor, mobile brands, mobile ratio, standard HD & UHD, and wide & ultra-wide.


This website has many wallpapers and they are separable to various categories. Specify the theme and dimension. The website has an interface that is free and simple to use.

Wallpaperfx has Full HD wallpapers in each website category. You can select from various wallpapers which are of high quality. The wallpaper is user-friendly. It is a simple website with great features like download filter, category, search filter and automatic resolution calculator. You can browse through various wallpapers.

Digital blasphemy

The images here are made up of high-resolution images that have a nice look. All the downloads need membership and are free. The same thing goes to a wallpaper that has multiscreen resolutions. This is not applicable to Macbook Pro.

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