The menu board is something that should not be forgotten when you decide to plunge into the food business such as a restaurant, cafe, etc. By using a menu board, you show the consumer about the product that you offer and maybe a piece of brief information about it. Do you know that a foam board can be made as a menu board? Foam board is a durable material that has an affordable price. Also, don’t forget that the foam board is lighter than the other board material. That’s the reason why the foam board is loved by people. It usually uses and chooses in many varieties of activities.  

So, if you are looking for a way to make a menu board on a foam board, these several tips may guide Jyou to get a good result. Here are the guide tips! Hope these tips will be useful for you! 

1. List The Menu That You Offer 

You can’t call it “Menu Board” if there is no menu on it. So, to make a menu board, you can begin by listing all of the menus first. From your specialty dish to the topping or maybe the level of spicy. Just put everything on the list.  

2. Keep The Description Simple and Short 

The description is not always a must. But, if you think it will be necessary and needed for your consumer, then including it on the menu board can be a great decision. Remember, keep it simple and short. You can describe the main element of the dish, the information about food restriction, and more. 

3. Include the Photo Can Be a Good Idea 

People often have no idea about the dish that they have never tried before. By including the photo of the dish, it will give a consumer an idea about that. So that’s why people tend to choose the menu with an image. You can’t include all of the dish photos. Then, you should consider which menu photos that will be included on the menu board.  

4. The Connector 

Do you know that the dots or lines usually use for connecting the name of the dish and its price? It must be familiar, right? By using the dots or lines, the consumer can become easier to see the price. But, you are free to decide whether you will use the dots or line, or maybe another connector on your menu board. 

5. The Legible Font 

Avoid setting the font size too small. Also, remember to pick the regular font type. It is because sometimes too artistic font type hard to read by people. If you apply that on your menu board, the consumer may get confused about the menu. So, set the right font type and size to make everyone able to read it. 

6. High-Resolution Design 

Make sure that you make a high-quality resolution for your menu board design! If you are not, maybe the result of your menu board will be blurry. It can make the photos of the dish become unappetizing photos. Isn’t it bad? 

7. Check the Typographical Error 

The last step before you print the design, you should check the typographical error. Be careful about typing the wrong characters, especially about the number on the price. So, never forget to check all of the information that you have type on the design. 

8. Print the Menu Board Design 

So, here is the final step that will determine the result. Since a menu board is made by using a foam board, then find the best foamboard printing service will be your best decision. Avoid printing your menu board design in the untrusty foamboard printing service if you don’t want to ruin it. 

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