4. Customers struggle to navigate through your website 

Once the website is in place, it is important to ensure that it is easy to read, that navigation is smooth, that the ordering process is seamless, and that all information is at the fingertips of your customers.  

The order process must be as streamlined as possible, and ensure, for example, that the creation of a customer account will not drive away your clients (e.g., having to enter complicated passwords, not being able to use Facebook Connect to create an account, etc.).  

An e-commerce website that lacks clarity risks scaring the customer who may feel that he or she is being forced to do so or that some important clauses are hidden from him or her that may influence the price of the product purchased (e.g.: shipping costs, availability, etc.). 

5. Excessive shipping costs  

This has surely already happened to you, you find a product that you like, the website selling it is simple to navigate, and the item is affordable so you decide to add it to your cart. However, at the time of payment, the shipping costs are very high, driving you to change your mind.  

Therefore, the shipping costs must remain reasonable and especially not exceed the price of the selected item.  

6. You neglect the importance of a marketing plan  

When you launch your e-commerce website, you will have almost no visits, apart from your friends and social media contacts …  

It is therefore essential, to invest a budget to attract your first customers. 

There are a lot of tools that can help you generate traffic, but some are more efficient than others.  

This is why it is important to measure conversion, and determine which tools are the most effective, and which ones bring are also capable of increasing your sales.  

One of the most important strategies that can help you market your products is to highlight your best products (the best sold or the most original) via Facebook Ads, Google Adwords, marketplaces (Amazon, etc.). 

7. You invest all of your energy on the aesthetics of your website 

A well-built website will attract your customers and potential buyer and can, like the logo, be a positive feedback factor. However, if you spend all your time and money on the design of your website, without thinking about SEO you take the risk of having to redo a major part of the navigation and the product sheets afterward.  

If your e-commerce website is not well ranked in Google’s reference list, then this will be a problem, because generally at least 50% of the traffic on an e-commerce website comes from Google… This puts you at the risk of being invisible to a large part of your clientele. 

Although SEO is something that can improve over time with the rise in popularity of your electronic store, you still have to make sure not to start from scratch.  

To do this, when you launch your site you need to make sure that it meticulously meets the SEO criteria, which will allow it to be noticed by the server and bring traffic to your page. Good traffic is essential for both your SEO and good sales. 

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