Although covers look simple and eye-catching, a lot of process is done to create the perfect cover that can make the audience bring the item home. Creating cover is one of the most challenging processes in the graphic design world. Thus, we need to design them according to proper steps carefully.

To start creating the perfect cover design for your client, we have some times for you.

1. Be bold with color and focal points

No matter what kind of style the client aims for, the main purpose of the cover is to catch the audience’s attention and have them take the product home. Being bold with color and focal points not only will make the product look unique but also stand out among others.

To get the best focal point, make sure to understand what the product will be. If it’s a magazine, the focal points are usually the typography, while book covers mostly rely on illustrations.

As for the colors, you need to make sure that the color combination works well with each other.

2. Any size, any format

Now is the age of digital format. Since now we are no longer creating physical cover designs only, we need to ensure that the cover will look amazing on any device, any format. To make sure that the design will stay consistent, you can try opening them using any devices that have different screen sizes.

Of course, the client must be informed beforehand (since there are clients who prefer to focus on a certain type of cover only).

3. Be creative in packaging

If the client gives you freedom to add a touch of creativity, you need to make the most out of it. One of the ways to do it is by unleashing your creativity on the packaging. If it’s a physical album cover, you can focus on how the album is wrapped. If it’s a book cover, you can create a 3D cover or even add elements of pop-up here and there.

4. Effective typography

Typography is one of the most important aspects of cover design. After all, it is where the audience will get the information regarding the product. It is something that will escape the audience’s eyes.

Due to its importance, it is more than necessary to pay extra attention to the typography. Make sure they blend in with the overall design but also stand out so people can see it easily.

5. Do not be too traditional

Tradition makes you feel comfortable. Conservative process is easy to do since we are accustomed to it. However, the same cannot be applied to the graphic design world. If it’s possible, break the traditional and design something that is out of the box. A unique and one-in-a-million design is something designers always strive for. So don’t be afraid to experiment and unleash your creativity!

Cover design does not stop on the fifth step. There are other things the designer must do during the process. Hopefully, the steps can help you to get a clear image on the kind of cover you would like to create. Good luck!

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