In every industry, there are always figures that would stand out and create revolutionary works that become the inspiration of many peers in the same field. The graphic design world has such notable figures too, and in fact many of them. In this article, we will discuss some of the figures that peek out interests.

1. Rob Janoff

The Apple logo is considered as one of the most brilliant logos out there. It’s simple, clean, neat, and is able to pull off a high-end feeling just from an image of a bitten apple.

The creator of the logo is no other than Rob Janoff. Janoff’s concept of its logo was simple: if it’s a brand with the name of a fruit, then isn’t it possible for the brand to be literally an apple? Moreover, the term “bite” is also a technological term, making it perfect for the brand. And thus, the bitten apple logo was born.

2. Michael Bierut

Pentagram is one of the most notable and respected graphic design agencies out there not without reason. They have created many masterpieces that not only impressed their clients but also the creative community.

Michael Bierut is Pentagram’s partner of 27 years. He is known for designing for Walt Disney, Billboard magazine, Benetton, and other renowned companies. The designer who has won hundreds of awards also has a permanent position in the Museum of Modern Art.

3. Carolyn Davidson

Who will ever forget Nike’s famous checkmark logo and the unique advertisement where Shia LeBouff shouted its logo? All of those things happened thanks to Carolyn Davidson, as she is the designer of the logo.

Davidson designed the logo when she was a student. The logo is actually the wing of Greek goddess of victory that wanted to convey the message of “motion.”

Davidson was paid $35 by Nike’s founder for the logo. After Nike became successful, Nike founder gave her Nike stock (the amount is unknown.

4. Saul Bass

Hitchcock’s movies are known not only to be haunting but also have a very impressive opening sequence. Saul Bass was the one responsible for creating the said sequence. Besides Hitchcock’s movie, Bass also did the opening of Martin Scorsese’s Goodfellas and Casino ‒ all which became masterpieces themselves.

Saul Bass also designed for several notable brands. Some of those brands are AT&T, United Airlines, Kleenex, and many more.

5. Lindon Leader

Designers love to use negative space, but few have used it as brilliantly as Lindon Leader did. The creator of FedEx’s logo sketched around 200 logos before having the current FedEx design approved around that time. At first, the client didn’t like the result as sixty percent of the logo is made of white space (and a hidden arrow between E and X). Nevertheless, Lindon Leader’s persistence was not in vain. Now, the logo is an example on how to utilize white space perfectly.

Out of all the 5 famous figures, which one inspires you the most?

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