We live in technological advances when almost everything in our life is affected by it, including business. 

Recently, print on demand is a new trend in business. The development of printing technology is the main reason why print on demand exists and become a new favourite in doing business, especially for those who want to start a business with minimal funds or minimum stock of product.  

But What Is Print on Demand? 

In short, print on demand (POD) is a strategy or method when the seller will only print the product once they get an order for it! 

That is why it was mentioned before that it is perfect for those who want to start a business with minimum stock as POD will basically produce their products after they have an order in their hand. 

But What Can be Created and Sold Using This Strategy? 

The most popular POD products are books and t-shirts! But other things that can also be made and sold are hoodies, bags, calendars, mugs, hats, phone cases, and many more.  

If you are interested and want to start a business with this method, you may need to choose a print partner, right? But don’t be too hasty. Some of the tips below may help you find a reliable partner to print your products. So, here are a few of them!   

1. Understanding How Print on Demand Works! 

For some people, they believe if they have to experience first to know and learn something. That is okay, everyone has their own right to choose. But if you find out in advance what you are going to face or do, it helps you to be better prepared and minimize errors due to lack of knowledge. This is the same when you decide to do print on demand business. Before you start looking for a print partner, it’s a good idea to understand how print on demand works and what you will do afterwards. You can ask someone with more experienced in POD, watch some videos about POD on YouTube, or read some articles related to POD on the internet.  

2. Don’t Choose A Printing Company Before You Ask for A Sample 

What product do you want to make? Is there any special personalization for that? So, after understanding how POD works, in this second tip, you have to make sure that the printing company you are working with can meet your needs and expectations. Tell them in advance what kind of product you want to make and don’t forget to tell them about some customizations will be needed for that, then don’t make any deals before you ask a sample from them. It helps you to find out whether the company can meet your expectations or not.  

3. Make Sure You Understand Everything Related to the Price Offered 

In looking for the perfect print partner, you have to be careful and understand the prices they are offering. Basically, in POD, you will pay for a fixed cost no matter how much the quantity. But some companies may have additional charges for their printing service. So, first, check with them for the details. 

4. Do A Little Research 

Before making a deal with a print partner, make sure you have read a few reviews on the internet or you have asked someone who has had experience working with that company before. Why? That helps you to know how they run their business with their previous partners. Maybe you will find out how they communicate with their partners, how they handle problems, and many more.  

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