Around the professional business world, a common seal’s uses have been popular for its many benefits. Even though now it is often no longer a mandatory item to use, especially that presently, the authentication and authorization of a document simply need the signature of the company’s director only, but many know that a common seal can give a company a lot of advantages.

If you are one of a business owner who is still wondering whether to actually get a common seal or not, perhaps you should learn about the various benefits of a common seal in Singapore as follows.

1. Confirms Document Authenticity

First and foremost, as its core purposes, a common seal can truly confirm the originality of a document. The signature of a company’s director may be forged, but a common seal’s mark is quite difficult to imitate. With the mark of the common seal along with the signature of the company director, the recipient of your document can truly confirm the authenticity of the document and not worry about it being fake. That’s why, the use of a common seal needs to always be recorded to avoid misuse. And also, the storage of a common seal must be done carefully and it can never be handed to a person without the authorization for its use.

2. In Case of Emergency

What kind of emergency? Well, what if a document needs to be immediately authorized, authenticated, and issued when the company’s director is not present in the office? For example, if they are on a business trip that makes it difficult for them to sign the document. Then, in this case, a company director can make the decision to authorize the use of a common seal to substitute their signature. A company’s director can grant the use of a common seal to the company secretary. In cases like so, a common seal can truly save the day. So, it is good to make one before it happens since it is better to be safe than sorry.

3. Professional and Proper

Even though it is not a must to have the mark of a common seal, if you can provide it, it will leave a strong positive impression upon the recipient. Most likely, you will look more professional and proper by doing so because a document that has the signature of the company’s director along with a common seal mark will look neater and more serious as well as formal, suitable for the occasion. You won’t seem like you’re doing your job half heartedly. Instead, it will look like you’re going the extra length to give a good impression and such a small gesture can be truly appreciated.

4.International Business

There is a chance that you might need to do business with a company in a country that still regards a common seal as something mandatory. You might not have enough time to manufacture a common seal. So it is always best to be prepared before it actually happens. With a common seal, you can secure a good business deal and open doors to more opportunities, even.

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