As a student, you have tons of and never-ending things to do. But don’t worry, you can get over it and be more productive!  

But the question is “How?” 

Productivity Apps for Students 

Today, there are lots of digital applications that can help you be more productive, organized, and make your studies run well.  

So, because of that, we would like to recommend you a few productivity applications for students. Here are some of them! 

1. Clockify 

Have you ever questioned yourself where your time has gone? Then you should consider using Clockify! 

You will easily know that Clockify is an application related to ‘time’. It is actually a time-tracking application that can help students see and identify where their time goes. So, as a student, you can use this app to see a visual overview of your studying hours, stay focused, and track your deadlines or even progress. Plus, once you can track your time, it will make it easier for you to manage your time allocation.  

Another good thing, this app is free! But if you want extra features, you can extend this app by upgrading to a paid account.  

2. Forest 

Have you ever felt distracted and difficult to focus because of so many things? That is why we recommend you to use the Forest application!  

This application is actually unique since it is created to helps its user to focus more by planting trees virtually. But how does this app help its user to be more focused? 

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