3. Adopting a Trend That Does Not Relate to Your Business 

Yes, the trend is evolving rapidly but it doesn’t mean you have to follow every design trend for your branding. 

For example, there is an ongoing trend to “minimalize” branding by replacing the logo with a minimalist look. While it is true that a simple-looking logo could cast light upon the non-design elements of your brand, they could take away your identity that has been long represented by your previous branding. A gadget business might go well with a minimalist logo, but a traditional and complex logo might fit a wine product better. A brand is a matter of representation so there is no single answer. 

4. Poor Publication of Your Rebranding 

A well-planned and well-executed rebranding is the key to your success. So you must communicate your rebranding to your internal stakeholders before you announce it publicly. This will ensure a smooth transition and rollout to your customers. 

When you are launching your rebranding publicly, make sure it is done gradually and carefully. A complete overhaul of your branding can lead to customer confusion and mistrust. It’s as if they are experiencing a sudden total eclipse that keeps them in total bleakness. Always give time to your customer and the general public to adjust to the change. 

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