POD or print on demand is a new business trend that exists due to technological advances, especially in printing technology. 

POD helps many businesses to print their work or designs on various items such as t-shirts, hoodies, caps, mugs, or even paper. 

Print on demand (POD) 

But before the topic of our discussion gets further, do you know what print on demand is? 

POD or print on demand is one of the methods when people will print their books or other items only once there is an order for it! 

Today, print on demand is another alternative for writers or self-publishers to deliver their books to the audience. 

Why did they choose POD? Is there anything special about it? 

To find out more about print on demand or POD, maybe a few things below can help you to know more about it!  

1. Minimum Requirements, Digital Printing, and Independent Publishers 

Publishing a book is something that you cannot underestimate. It is quite a challenge for some people who are pursuing their writing career. Actually, POD is one of the alternatives for independent publishers. With digital printing, POD have no minimum requirement and you can even start to print it once the order is received. So, writers don’t need to worry about their books getting dusty and unsold because they don’t have to make hundreds of copies in advance. Usually, with POD, each copy is set at a fixed price. But for some companies, they may have additional charges for their service. So, it all depends on each printing company.  

2. Minimize the Financial Risk 

Experienced and traditional publishers are much better at forecasting the number of books to sell. In this case, POD helps self-publishers who have no experience in forecasting, for minimizing their financial risk due to incorrect forecasts. How? With POD, they don’t have to print books with the required minimum number of prints like in a traditional publisher. So, they can even print books based solely on the number of orders. 

3. Tips for Finding A Print Partner 

Finding a printing company is not that easy. Wrong choices can ruin your expectation, waste your time, and of course money! Therefore, in looking for the best and reliable printing company to print your book, maybe you can follow some of the tips below! 

  • Identify the quality expectation for your books. It helps you to make further decisions when determining the best printing company to partner with. 
  • Never ever make a deal before asking for a sample! You have to know how the quality of your book and how it will look like. 
  • Find out everything about payments, royalties, or profits. Make sure you understand all the details before making any deal. 
  • Several people who have experience working with printing companies have written about their experiences on the internet. You can read their articles to know the upsides and downsides of each print partner. 

These are just a few of the many more tips for finding the best print partners for printing your book. Be careful with printing companies that offer cheaper and unreasonable prices. You should always ensure the quality of your books at all costs.  

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