There are several reasons for a company to start rebranding. Do not think that rebranding is a bad thing, as it can help the company to achieve its purpose and possibly innovate the company to a better one. If you are planning to do some rebranding, you can start the process by doing the said three steps below.

1. Find the new purpose

Rebranding does not mean that the company changes its visual only. Rebranding is when the company also finds new vision and mission that can aid the process of brand awareness. Hence, it is more than visual rebranding.

To find the purpose of the rebranding, you’ll need to find out the root of the rebrand. Is it a new marketing strategy?  Does the  company have a new philosophy? Is there a problem within the company that needs to be covered up?

Understanding the root of rebranding can help you create the new purpose that is needed for the company. With a clear understanding, there will be a clear and defined purpose that will be more solid than before.

2. Is it partial or full rebrand?

The second reason why it’s important to know the root and purpose is to decide the kind of rebrand the company will have. Is it a partial or a full rebrand?

Partial rebrand is when the brand keeps most of its values and purpose and only changes a part of its aspect. When companies go with a partial rebrand, they mostly freshened up the design and changed the logo (hence why many graphic design agencies offer rebrand service).

Once the company has decided whether they want a full or partial rebrand, it’s time to go into the details. Check whether the target audience is still the same. If not, it’s time to re-establish the audience. You can also change the brand’s slogan to freshen things up. Of course, don’t forget to make sure that the vision and mission are in-line with the rebranding as well.

3. Experiment with the visual

After everything is settled, time to experiment with the design! Don’t be shy with the design and be bold with it. With the passing of time, companies are getting bolder at using bright colors to attract the new audience.

The best way to start the visual experiment is by figuring out the ambience you want the audience to “feel” when they see the new visual. Is it formal or casual? Is it serious or fun? Once you know the ambiance that wants to be captured, it will be easier to figure out the visual.

Where to rebrand?

It will be hard to do rebranding alone, especially when visual is not your expertise. Professional graphic design agencies can help you to get the right visual. As a matter of fact, you can consult with them in terms of other aspects too, depending on the service offered.

For a one-stop rebranding, graphic designers are definitely one of the best options out there.

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